Happy holidays.

Hello friends and fans,

D. Lowe here.  First of all I’m hoping you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing that you will have an even merrier,…meaningful and prosperous healthy New Year.

Secondly, I’m taking this oppertunity to thank all of you who have taken the step to try the work of a new author and thereby supported my effor by purchasing my ebook.  If you really enjoyed it, as I think you did, based on several favourable ” Customer Reviews ” that it has received, I feel sure you will enjoy volumes #2 and #3 even moreso.  Those volumes  will be in stores at the earliest possible dates in the coming year.  With the satisfying results received from the ” Reviews “, I look forward for your continued patronage with those two volumes as well and hope you’ll be eagerly looking forward to the following volumes.  I hope too that you will find it worth your time to recommend  and or make a gift of it to the friends you can.  Thank you.

As I’d stated before, the story evolves to include many more exciting pages of erotic encounters with several exciting and intriguing characters such as:  Quan, Shamar, Nate, Nando, G-Rip, L’il Whip, Laurie, Rohan and Rory as well as Shariff  –  to name a few.

Once again, all the very best for the coming year.

P.S: And Deon,…thanks for stopping by my new blog.

D. Lowe


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