D.Lowe’s Blog

Thug Passion – Thug Love
by- D.Lowe
THUG PASSION – THUG LOVE, is the story of Timmy,
a somewhat sexually confused and very curious young man,
who by chance meet three good friends on a hot summer day.
That meeting would result in a considerable change in his life
One of those friends, Tyree, the most dynamic of the trio,
falls head over heels in love with him; this leads to eventual
sexual advances which at first were spurned by Timmy, but
later reciprocated.
Timmy later found himself battling those deep lustful
thoughts, which plagued his mind for years, about his real true
feelings for Tyree.
Timmy, had to admit to himself, but couldn’t fully explain
why things were the way they were; but finally came to grips
with the realization of his relationship with Tyree, and spent
years living a secret life of love and passion, with him; even
though he had a beautiful wife and several lovely children.

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